I’m supposed to put a book review policy here but . . . eh. I don’t accept requests as of the moment.

Giveaway Policies

If you don’t know what giveaways are, basically, they’re giveaways. We, bloggers, give away things for free (yes and we pay the shipment). But yes, there’s a catch. You must do things like follow our blog, twitter, like our Facebook page and so on in order to gain entries. Yeah, it’s also like a raffle. Like heck, don’t expect us to give each one of you giveaways. So logic is: more entries = more chances of winning. It’s like the Reaping ceremony in the Hunger Games except that in this case, everybody wants to have their names drawn.

For giveaways, I’ll be using Rafflecopter so the entries will be drawn at random.
1. You must be at least 13 years of age to be eligible to enter. Or it depends on the target audience of the book being given away.
2. Cheating the system will not be tolerated. Multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. We will always double check entries to see if anyone has cheated.
3. When the giveaway ends and a winner(s) are/is determined, we will notify him/her immediately via email. If they fail to respond within 72 hours, we will draw another winner(s).
4. Polarize Book Blog is not responsible for any damage or loss of the giveaway during or after shipment.

Note: Policies are subject to change any time without prior notice.


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